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A Rather Rotten Week | Entry #1

A Note About Names: All the names of the people mentioned in this post are substitutes and aren’t their actual names, so no I don’t have a friend called Star or anything like that.

Weekly Want: Finish and submit part A and part B of my science assignment by Friday next week.

Memorable Mention: My amazing friend, for sending me wicked awesome memes and putting up with all my bullsh*t throughout this week because I’ve been dreadfully miserable to be around as of late, so yeah thanks for being there for me Star!

Striking Situations: Unfortunately this week actually wasn’t the greatest and most of my striking situations for it are going to be negative ones but at least the week’s over now and I can move on and hopefully have a better week next time!

1. Problems with my S.O: I don’t even know why I’m including this, I just need to talk because I’m a mess right now. So my boyfriend and I (lets call him Muffin,) have been having some issues and they’re making it hard for me to trust him despite the fact that I know he’s not lying to me because my insecurities keep nagging me and making me doubt everything and he’s being so nice and helpful throughout everything and it’s making me feel terrible about not trusting him and I don’t know what to do and just ugh.

2. Tons of homework: It’s the last week of the term but we’ve been given five assignments and I’m really stressed and I was at an A grade in every subject before this but I won’t be able to finish them on time so I’m not sure how long that’ll last for which really sucks because I was doing so well this year.

3. Parent sick right before surgery: One of my parents has surgery in a week or two and is currently sick and on antibiotics so um yeah… that’s a little scary.

4. Holidays: To end it on a lighter note, the holidays have finally started! I don’t have any plans for my holidays but I’m curious as to what all of you are up to so be sure to leave that in the comments! My week has been pretty eventful so I’m hoping next week is a bit more relaxed than the current one because boy am I exhausted. Farewell and happy writing to you all! 🙂




Hey! I just started my holidays so pretty glad about that. I just read your entry and I have to say, you have such a strong will and courage to push through everything that's been happening. It might seem daunting but I'm sure you'll get through it!! Feel free to do more rants. Hope everything gets sorted, and as you said, some things are best left unknown :)

14th Apr, 19

Personally I don't think I have that strong of a will, I've just been through a ton of stuff like this before and have realised that although things might pop up once in a while they will pass eventually if you push through them! It can seem quite daunting but eventually you get used to it and look for the light at the end of the tunnel instead of focusing on how long the tunnel is if that makes sense? Anyways I hope you have a good holiday and a happy easter if you celebrate that! :)

15th Apr, 19